Abild-Tved Route EN - Countercurrent and tidal waves

Idyll by the Galgestrømmen in 1910. Blegen and the hospital in the background. Arkiv.dk
The “Galgestrømmen”The marshlands have through time been imprinted by floods. The medieval streams were changed in the 1500s. Especially the narrow inlets, e.g. the Galgestrømmen and other streams from the higher geest land, here near Abild and Emmerske had a substantial drop, strong currents and large water flow. The water ran down to marsh height and passed close by Tønder, where the streams were narrowed due to bridges, sites for barges and marsh boats, or simply slowed down by a watermill, as was the case with the adjacent Emmerske Bæk. When the water in some of the streams were slowed down in this way, a form of countercurrent was generated which caused unpredictable floods backwards into the stream system.
Flooding of lowlying areas in 1947 by the Galgestrømmen in Tønder. Arkiv.dk