Bremsbøl Sæd stien EN - Singing swans

Sanding up…. Every year up to 5000m3 of sand is dug up from the sand pits here in Grønå. Sand and sediment originate from fields close by the streams. The sand pits are established to prevent Nørresø and the slow flowing streams in the Tønder marsh to sand up. Emptying the sand pit benefits the farmers as they can collect the large sand masses free of charge. In the fields this is mixed with the somewhat heavier marsh soil.
3 species of swans The Mute Swan, our national bird, which breeds in Denmark and is here all year, is easily recognized by the orange red beak with the black spot. In winter the yellow beaked swans from the north visit. Mostly Whooper Swans with 2/3 of its beak yellow, but also Tundra Swans which breed in the Russian tundra. The beak of the Tundra Swan is less yellow and has more black. You can easily hear the trumpeter song of the Whooper and Tundra Swans. The Mute Swan is always silent.