Red Track - Cheap Alcohol and Hard Work…

Dyrhus and Lægan – with an Inn and a Skylark You have just passed the village of Dyrhus and are about to cross the Vidå at Lægan. Earlier on thousands of Danes passed by here on their way to the low cost mecca of Aventoft. Today Süderlügum in the east has taken over this role. By the narrow bridge you see the Boat Club of Lægan’s cosy marina. Dyrhus is named after the shipyard Dyrhus, mentioned for the first time in 1491. Where the road now intersects the Vidå, Lægan Inn was constructed in 1847. The building also served as a boatyard. At the inn a bridge was built across the Vidå – the same narrow iron bridge you are about to cross.
The Skylark From early spring he’s going at it. It is hard work to stay elevated in the air whilst singing. But the Skylark has a big wingspan and masters the art of gliding. In the Danish landscape the Skylarks are being displaced. The number of Skylark couples has more than halved during the past 40 years. The intensive farming with its use of pesticides doesn’t leave much room or food for skylarks. The Skylark couple often has to stay in ditches and roadsides.
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