Red Track - Shipyards without Ships

Bjerremark Bjerremark is a large beautiful four-wing farm first mentioned in 1685. It is built on top of a wharf, an artificially created hill. The wharfs protected the buildings from storm surges and flooding from the streams – a problem before the big drainage project in the Tønder marshes in the 1920s. The buildings on the wharfs are characterized by brick houses unlike the timbered houses in the rest of the country. In the marshes it was difficult to obtain timber. Hence from the early days brick houses became the standard.
Grey Heron In the treetops at Bjerremark the Grey Heron breeds in a small colony. In the spring the Grey Herons squawk from their nests. All year around you’ll see the grey herons fishing at the ponds, lakes and ditches.
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