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Ubjerg Ubjerg is a marsh village in the Tønder marshes where the houses are placed both on natural sand dunes and artificial wharfs. Besides the church there is also an old rectory. A little west of Ubjerg the big well-kept marsh farm Bjerremark is located, which in its current build is from 1842. All of Ubjerg including the church is built on a wharf, an artificial bank in the otherwise flat marshes – by the way, the biggest and best preserved wharf in all of Denmark. Because of this the buildings have stayed clear of the flooding and storm surges that previously raged these parts. To the north four four-wing farms are situated close together on the joint east-western wharf. To the south you’ll see the beautiful medieval church built between year 1100 and 1300.
Denmark’s best kept rectory built in 1675 is also situated here. Back then the priests also farmed and the rectory was usually the grandest farmhouse of the parish. The Ubjerg rectory has not lost status over time. The house is built with two stables. As always in these parts the thatch is 10-15cm thicker than in other parts of the country. That keeps the buildings warm in winter. Today neither a priest nor a farmer lives in the house. It has been a private residence since 2005 but is still listed as a protected building.
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