Orange Track - Tax Exemption and Art worth Millions

The Sculpture Garden or the County Governor’s Garden The sculpture garden is the previous county governor’s garden at Bachmann’s watermill and the Vidå. It contains a versatile range of beautiful sculptures and artwork. Millions worth of fine art have been placed here since the creation in 2008. Also, enjoy the sight of the old trees – especially the old chestnut which is marked by centuries of storms.
Uldgade and Slotsgade/Frigrunden After a big fire in 1586 the Slots- and Uldgade neighborhood, among others, was rebuilt and came under County rule. Therefore, up until 1665 these citizens did not pay taxes to the city and some households were not included in the regulations of Tønder city until 1933.
The Grey Wagtail at Bachmann’s Watermill Take a good look between the rocks down by the rushing water. If you see a yellowish bird with a very long tilting tail, that would be the Grey Wagtail foraging. It visits every spring and autumn before migrating. Under the bridge nesting boxes have been installed just for this bird and hopefully it will move in more permanently.
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