Orange Track - Contemporary Times and Recycling

The Water Tower The Water Tower, built in 1902 during the former German city administration, was, together with the water company in use up until 1980 where better pump methods made the tower redundant. After this the Water Tower was empty for the next 15 years before a fund supporting renovation and reconstruction was launched in 1995. This resulted in an eight floor high tower with a panorama deck furnished by Marianne Wegner Sørensen and Hans J. Wegner. The tower now holds a permanent exhibition of a selection of architect Hans J. Wegner’s world famous chairs.
The Old Water Company/ Pump House The pump house – the old Tønder water Company’s building east of the Slotsbanken – is directly connected to the museum complex. In the tiled area in the southern part of the pump house, where pumps drew water from the underground to the water tower, the museum today has conference rooms, lecture facilities and a concert hall.
Slotsholmen/ Slotsbanken Here is where the castle Tønderhus was located since before 1285. Now Slotsbanken is the only part left of the huge fortress that once was strategically important to all of Slesvig. In the 1500s it was expanded with surrounding walls and moat making it the second strongest fortification in Slesvig after Gottorp Castle. The castle became redundant and was abandoned in the 1700s. The last remains of the Slotsbanken’s ramparts and moats disappeared when the Skibbro was filled and the Kongevej built in 1935-1940. Between 1864 and 1911 a range of Tønder’s new technical works were built here. That includes the gas plant, the water company as well as the water tower and the power plant.
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