Orange Track - Above or Below the Vidå?

The Otter Since the 1980s the otter has increased its habitats in Denmark including Southern Jutland due to an improved aquatic environment. The otter feeds on fish and stays most of the time in the water. It often follows the canals and if you are lucky you might spot the otter when it crosses the Vidå either in the early morning or a late evening.
A “Diver” During the drainage of the Tønder marsh hundreds of kilometers worth of drainage channels were dug in the 1920s. The water was led to the pump stations where it was pumped into the Vidå. Some places the channels cross the Vidå – such a sub-transfer is called a diver. You are currently standing right on top of one of these divers.
Hestholm In the background towards the east you see Hestholm, the big white farm lying on top of a wharf is a human- made mound of earth protecting the building from high tides. The wharf farm Hestholm’s history dates back to 1445. Hestholm was in many years a Chancery manor owned by the Gottorp dukes and later by the King.
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