Orange Track - Handsome Pumping Muscles and Fast Flyers…

The Pumping Station The Lægan pumping station of 1929 is the biggest of the four pumping stations in the Tønder marsh. It is equipped with four individual- electrically driven and automatically functioning pumps. The biggest pump provides 5000 liters per second and overall the pumps provide 16.000 liters per second. The distinctive, rectangular building drains an area of about 8.000 acres. The water is pumped from the channels in the marsh lowland to the dikes in the Vidå.
All four pumping stations are characterized by the Better Building Custom style in bright red brick wall, well-proportioned window panels and a red tiled roof. The buildings are distinctive in the flat marshland.
Country-, City- and Dike Swallow The swallows stay in this area from the middle of April until the end of September. Here they find an enormous pantry of mosquitoes, mosquitoes, mosquitoes. The majority is the country swallows with the long tail feathers but also the small city swallows with a white rump and the brown dike swallows feed here. Also a multitude of ducks are living here.
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