Black Track - Beware of Womanizers and Senior Citizens by the Railway

You’re here – in the old Tved Plantation where the most southern part of the Plantation houses Richtsen’s Retirement Home. The small park has a large colony of rooks so it is often lively and noisy in the treetops. The young male rooks like to try and mate with neighboring females, but, especially the older and more experienced female rooks will reject these approaches.
The plantation extends further to the north on the other side of Nordre Landevej. Along the eastside of the plantation the railway runs towards Ribe which needed better traffic connections after the loss of catchment after the war in 1864. With the law of April 16th 1873 the construction of a railway line from Bramming to the city was upheld. The railway via Tønder to Bredsted was opened on October 17th and the rest of the railway from Bredsted to the border and Ribe was opened on November 15th 1887.
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