Green Track - Prison Escape and German Girls’ School

The Arrest If the walls of the arrest could talk they would be able to recount stories about assault, escapes and arson attempts. The arrest is, like the courthouse and judge’s residence, built in Germanic style in 1914-16 by architect Gyszling. These buildings are another example of the influence famous architects has had on Tønder.
The Liebestempel Built approx. in year 1800 and was together with Nørre Allé given to the city as a music pavilion by “Justizrath”. A bust of Carsten Richter, who was a former mayor, is placed close by Tønder Gymnasium, and his private residence “Digegrevens Hus” is located in the pedestrian street.
Police Station/ Arrest House Housed the all-girls school “Alexandrinen Schule” up until 1945. Was subsequently adapted for a police station and is now an arrest house. The German school- and language association of 1946 taught German, initially in the German Rowing Club’s facilities, later in a trading hall and finally from 1953 in Ludwig Andresen Schule in Popsensgade.
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