Green Track - Railway Deaths, Floodgates and Birds Upside Down

The Vidå and the many Floodings The Vidå and relating streams have played a significant role for Tønder and the surrounding areas. Numerous floodings have hit the area and in the beginning of the 1920s the harvest had to be salvaged by boats. In 1925 the Danish Reichstag decided the drainage of the Tønder marshes and after 4 years of construction the Tønder region had been completely transformed. However, in 1947 Tønder experienced a disaster, when an attempt to blow away ice packs resulted in a hole made in the dike. This caused flooding of streets and basements.
The Nuthatch Up or down – doesn’t matter. The delightful nuthatch is an acrobat on tree trunks and branches. The only Danish bird that can climb trees head down. You’ll often recognize the nuthatch by its sharp whistle – or zing. And if you look up you might be lucky enough to discover the bird foraging.
The Railway Bridge where the Tønder-Tinglev Line went The railway was opened as a branch line to the Vamdrup-Flensborg line in 1867 after the region had become German. The line was definitively closed down again in 2002.
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