Galgestrømstien EN - Soldiers, Birds and a Wet Inn

Henrietteslyst The old roadside inn, Henrietteslyst, which is a private residence today, was to be found here at number 2. Until 1861 the main road went north from Tønder to Ribe and Løgumkloster past Henrietteslyst. After the construction of Ribelandevej the traffic here almost entirely disappeared and with the ring road the road was completely cut off. The Inn was located low and was often hit by the winter floods. The worst incident was in March 1888 when the Vidå dike caved due to the water masses. The water came up so high that the residents had to seek refuge in the attic for several days.
The Barracks On the left hand side lays the old buildings of the Tønder Barracks from 1936. The Barracks were shut down in 2002 but the buildings are still in good shape and are used by the Danish Tax & Customs service and some private businesses. The Barracks have faced possible shutdown several times (latest in the late 70’s and again in the middle of the 80’s) and in 1999 the government decided to shut down the Barracks definitively.
anlægget Greenfinch It is easy to spot a Greenfinch. A small slightly chubby yellow-green bird with a couple of bright yellow spots on the wings. Moreover it lives in gardens and parks where it nests in dense shrubs. In the winter the Greenfinch is a regular guest at the feeding board. Seeds and in particular sunflower seeds are safe bait if you want to see the Greenfinch up close. The old barracks and Henrietteslyst are located here side by side next to the Galgestrømmen where the Greenfinch lives.