Korntved-Rørkær Stien EN - The Geest-tongue by Rørkær

The geest (from German and Dutch Geest) is the higher lying dry land area which is clearly seen on the dense contour lines to the right on the 1930s map. The geest is often characterized by sandy soil and consists of moraine mounds – from the penultimate ice age – spread out on the melt water plains from the last ice age.
Rørkær The village of Rørkær is located here on a so called geest stretching like a tongue towards and into Tønder Kog (Polder) and is a so called linear settlement. The oldest building is located along the original main road (through Vinkelvej and further on Skovfennen). Also in Rørkær the land was re-distributed (enclosed) after the ‘the termination of the Adscription (‘Stavnsbåndet’) in 1788’ but no farms were relocated. Many people lived in Rørkær. The census in 1780 reports that more than 300 people lived here. The current highway (Flensborg Landevej) was established after permission to reuse the remains of the castle in Tønder to this ‘Flensburger Chausee’ back in 1868.
Brinksgaard Brinksgaard burned down in 1909. In 1991 it was restored and protected as a historic building and as an example of a time typical farmhouse. It was restored with originality and amenities worthy of preservation. The four-wing farm Brinksgaard is an example of this area’s old building heritage here on the edge of the geest to the marsh.