Skovstien EN - 8 Cents for a Mug of Beer…

Domænegården Røj From 1661 the farm Røj was a part of Møgeltønderhus which later became Schackenborg. In 1798 the farm was sold to a private party. In 1903 the Prussian State made the farm one of 36 domain farms in Southern Jutland. At the same time new buildings were established in German style. From 1905 – 1926 Hans Heinrich Reuter was the tenant of the farm and ran it as a Prussian model farm for the local peasants. Røj farm returned to Schackenborg ownership in 1951 due to a power change involving Store Tønde and functioned as a widow estate for Duchess Karin Schack from 1956. In 1978 The Schackenborg Estate was again under the royal claim and was taken over by Prince Joachim who, a few years ago, sold the estate to a consortium. Today you are able to vacation in Schackenborgs old management housing (more than 435 sqm), which Joachim restored.
Altona Inn on Møgeltønder Omfartsvej in 1901.
The Altona Inn
The elder population in Tønder can still remember the roadside Altona Inn pictured here with its small garden on the other side of the road to Møgeltønder. While the men played cones and enjoyed a mug of beer – 8 cents in 1921 – the women had their coffee and the homebaked pastries in the pub or adjacent garden. Unfortunately the inn burned down in 1947 a couple of years after it had been shut down. After the fire new buildings were established on the land. On the road’s south side you can still see a row of trees, a testimony to the garden of the old inn.
The Altona Inn by Tønder is most likely named after the former village and later Danish market town by the Elb – today a part of Hamburg, Germany.