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The Beer flowed in spite of bankruptcy In 1888 the stock company “Tondernshe Victoriabrauerei” (Victoria Brewery) opened as competition to “Actien Brauerei” in Østergade. Today lies a residential building here in ”Nystaden”. The Victoria Brewery never cornered the market in or around Tønder and West Schleswig even though the area had more than 80 pubs, which at the time was a record high number pr. citizen! In 1902 the brewery went bankrupt and was sold and changed to “Bürgerliches Brauhaus’”. The new owner even opened a cannery and tried his luck growing mushrooms in the basement of the brewery. That did not go well and he ran from debt and bankruptcy. “Bachmanns Vandmølle A/S” took over the buildings in 1927 and ran a grain and feed company for many years. It wasn’t until around 1990 that the brewery was torn down and rebuilt as a big and modern residential complex.
Handwritten text on the back of the original picture: Victoria Brewery shortly after its inauguration in 1888. Founded by a lot of prominent citizens. Went bankrupt in 1902 with a deficit of 250.000 MK due to the incompetence of the bookkeeper and left the family Thiessen with a loss of 120.000 dkk. National Gallery, Denmark
Tondernsche Victoria Brauerei beer bottle. The decorative motive on the bottle is also printed on the porcelain cork. Photo: