Skovstien EN - High on a hilltop

Abild Skole (Abild School) Is located right behind you on Østerbyvej and was erected in 1943. It replaced the old school from 1822 and 1890. For many years the school had both a Danish and a German department and is an example of how the Southern Jutlanders lived happily among one another despite whatever national sentiment they had at home. The children were taught in their separate languages but spent the breaks together in the school yard talking to each other in Sønderjysk (the special dialect of the region). In 2011 the school closed for good and was turned into a youth center.
The Moraine Hills (Bakkeøerne) The largest moraine hills are found on the westcoast of Jutland this includes Abild Moraine Hill which you are standing on. It was forged in the second last ice age for approximately 140.000 years ago. The term ‘bakkeø’ was introduced by E. Dalgas, co-founder and CEO of the Det danske Hedeselskab (The Danish Moor Society) from 1866. He wrote in the middle of the 1800s The Moraine Hills attracts Always one’s special attention, when you move on the surfaces. Far out in the sea like a heath desert you see an elevated object almost like a flipped tureen on a big table.
Enrico Mylius Dalgas (July 16th 1828 – April 16th 1894), Danish officer and road engineer. Painting by August Jerndorff.