Skovstien EN - Singers and Soldiers

When you have a beautiful singing voice your looks don’t have to be flashy. The Willow Warbler can be seen across the entire country. In leaf and pine forests, in bogs with brush and in groves, parks and gardens.
Willow Warbler The song of the Willow Warbler is beautiful and melodic. Like a leaf quiet and gracefully falling to the forest floor. When the birch comes into leaf and our willow warblers return from their winter stay in tropical West Africa, then it is spring. But we also get to listen to the willow warblers travelling to Norway, Sweden & Finland. They have spend the winter in tropical East Africa. Greyish, yellowish, mono colored and teeny tiny. The willow warbler measures only 11 cm from beak to tail and weighs 6-10 grams. But that doesn’t stop the willow warbler from migrating between our latitudes. Impressive.
Soldaterskoven (Soldier Forest) Soldaterskoven is situated on Abild hill island in a moraine forged under and after the second last ice age. The terrain is almost flat but leans slightly towards south and south east. The area was claimed by the military as a training area for Tønder Kaserne (Barracks). But because there were no hideouts or cover approximately 15 acres of pines and broad leaves was planted. Later addition forest has been planted and is covering almost 225 acres. Skov- og Naturstyrelsen (The Forest and Nature Agency) has been in charge of the area since 2003. Since then three forests (Soldater, Nørre og Hydro forest) have been merged and this has created a recreational forest area with direct access from the residential ares in Tønder. Soldaterskoven is run on natural principles which means the forest rejuvenates itself by allowing the seeds from the trees to grow. Sometime in the next 80-100 years the current pine forest will be replaced by broad leaf forest.