Black Track - The Big Blue Sky

The Marshes You are standing here in the open marshland with a view of Tønder to the east and Møgeltønder behind you with access to both the grassy marsh and the farmland of Abild Bakkeø. In the north Gallehus is located, where the Golden Horns were found back in 1600 and 1700. To the south you see Tønder airfield and the Ecco Center. The Tønder marsh is the most northern part of a large continuous marsh area stretching well into Germany. The first people moved to the Tønder marsh in 1100s. Until then the people only lived on the geest-brim by the marshes.
Yellowhammer One-two-three-four-five-six-seveeeen. The Yellowhammer counts to seven when it sings from the top of a bush. The Yellowhammer is typical for the open land with fields, ditches and hedgerows. In the spring and summer the male stays in his territory while in the autumn and winter they gather in small flocks. The thick beak shows us that the Yellowhammer is seed eating.
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