Skovstien EN - It hovers and watches

The buzzard has wide wings with 5 ”fingers” and a wingspan of 113-128 cm. The white buzzard is also called ‘Børringevåge.
The Buzzard
The buzzard is our most common bird of prey Pretty big with wide rounded wings they circle the space above the forest. The territory must be marked. The nest is placed high in the tree and at the outskirts of the forest. This way the buzzard has easy access to the fields to catch its prey which is mainly mice. The buzzard is one of the few birds of prey that is able to stop completely mid-air only flapping its wings. It hovers and is on the hunt. Most buzzards are brown in color with lighter spots. Often you’ll see almost completely white buzzards so there is a lot of variation in color. Buzzards from our Nordic neighbours migrate through Denmark in great numbers in both spring and autumn.
Gallehus Forest
Gallehus Forest has belonged to the Schackenborg Estate from 1808 when the forestation began. It has been expanded several times and in the 1960’s it reached 110 acres of mostly pine trees but with a mix of hardwood trees. Prince Joachim has been in charge of Schackenborg Estate since 1993 and he planted a great area of Christmas trees. During the 1999 storm almost 50 acres of pine forest were destroyed. With help from the government a robust hardwood forest was planted and claimed protected. Today Gallehus is mainly young hardwood trees.