Galgestrømstien EN - The Tidal Train and the Chiff-Chaff

The Tønder-Højer track (die Kleinbahn) 1892-1962 On June 5th 1892 the Tønder-Højer train track was opened in what was then Germany. It was 13 km long and went from Tønder to the sluice in Højer passing the train stations of Møgeltønder, Daler and Højer. A ferry would transfer you from Højer Sluice to the small island of Sylt (Sild). Often you would have to wait for the tide and the weather which could result in longer stays. That is why this station held both hotel rooms as well as a three star restaurant! From 1920 the train was run by DSB (the Danish Railways). In 1927 the traffic in Germany was transferred to the newly established train track over the Hindenburg dam to the island of Sylt after which pretty much only local traffic remained here. As early as 1935 passenger traffic was stopped, and in 1962 the track was completely closed. The Tønder-Højer Sluice railway ran almost precisely at this sign in an east-west direction and was popularly known as “die Kleinbahn” (German for the small track).