Galgestrømstien EN - The Overseer with the Pole

Østermarkmandshus Furthest out at number 4 Galgestrømvej is another house – one of Tønder`s original overseer houses – Østermarkmandshus – where he had his “official residence” and an inn as well as a small farm until 1931. The last overseer in the Østermarkhus, Martin Nissen, earned his living from running the inn. He had free housing and a yearly remuneration of 20 Mark from the municipality. In 1914 the house was expanded with two bays towards west. After the close down of the overseer office in 1931 Mr. and Mrs. Nissen bought the house and shut down the inn.
The Pole In the summer the overseer looked after the livestock of other farmers in several fields. The fields were not fenced in but separated by ditches. If the animals had crossed the ditches, he had to get them back. For this purpose he always carried his pole so he could jump across the water-filled ditches. The pole is approx. 3.6 meters long and was used by the people of the marsh to bypass the ditches and canals in the fields. In a field by Møllekilen near Ballum Slusekro you can try out this discipline yourself. Championship competitions exist in several Marsh countries with records of up to 21.42 meters!