Green Track - 400.000 km and 50 metres

The Swift – a Master Flyer They cry in the sky. Take a look up into the air on a summer day and you will see one of the world’s best flyers. The Swift. It lives in Denmark in the summer and in central Africa in the winter. Flying day and night. It eats and sleeps flying. The Swift flies more than 400.000 km a year!
Paintbox coloured birds The European Goldfinch was in front of the line when Our Lord colored the birds. If you are lucky you can enjoy the sight of one of them here in the park. Maybe you can hear it too. Listen for bird song that sounds a bit like a rusty bike chain.
495 years is no age The church “Kristkirken”’s extraordinary steeple is from around year 1520 with a boardcoated spire that used to have a lantern at the very top – working as a beacon for seafarers in the area. The tower has 4 clocks facing east, south, west and north. It was completely renovated in 2014.
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